What We Do?

The scope of Artoday’s activities is comprehensive, spanning artist support, local and global exhibitions, art education, community engagement, collaborations, advocacy, and cultural preservation. By actively engaging in these areas, Artoday strives to empower artists, promote Egyptian modern art globally, and enrich the local art scene.

Artoday also believes that art is a universal language that enables individual and collective change to take place in a meaningful way. In order to achieve this goal, Artoday will also undertake additional work in four different categories including: 

  1. Art Education and Community Engagement: Artoday actively engages in art education and community outreach initiatives. The organization collaborates with educational institutions, museums, and community centers to develop art programs, workshops, and initiatives that inspire creativity, promote art appreciation, and provide access to artistic resources. Through these efforts, Artoday aims to foster a lifelong appreciation for art, nurture artistic talents at a grassroots level, and create a more vibrant and inclusive local art community.
  2. Collaboration and Partnerships: Artoday actively seeks collaborations and partnerships with like-minded individuals, organizations, and institutions that share its vision and values. By forging strategic alliances, Artoday can expand its reach, amplify its impact, and foster greater opportunities for artists. These collaborations may include joint exhibitions, artist residencies, cultural exchanges, and co-curatorial projects that promote artistic growth and cross-cultural understanding.
  3. Advocacy and Cultural Preservation: Artoday serves as an advocate for the arts, promoting the importance of art and culture in society. The organization works towards preserving and safeguarding Egypt's artistic heritage, while also encouraging contemporary artistic expressions that reflect the evolving landscape. By advocating for the arts, Artoday aims to create a supportive environment for artists, raise awareness about their contributions, and ensure the continued growth and development of the local art scene.
  4. Art Consultancy: Artoday also provides art consultancy services for the private and public sectors, utilizing our extensive knowledge in the international art scene as well as our network of collectors, galleries, and artists. Our consultants are able to provide the following services: support artists and galleries on how to expand their creative business, set strategies, and explore potential areas for growth; work with corporations, organizations, hotels, hospitals, etc. to bring their creative visions to life and transform their premises into more artistic spaces; guide collectors to acquire the perfect artwork to match their creative vision while advancing their art investment ambitions; and collaborate with museums and embassies looking to grow their art collections.
  5. Urban Chronicles: Artoday provides a comprehensive service aimed at documenting the art, architecture, and heritage of cities and urban spaces. Our approach involves utilizing photography, short videos, films, and written scripts to capture the main elements, architecture, stories, and social aspects of a city. This creative medium appeals particularly to the younger generation, allowing them to document their own city and create their unique narratives through online platforms. By focusing on hidden interiors, lesser-known areas, and common spaces such as schools, mosques, churches, parks, and social clubs, Artoday aims to create a future archive of memories and preserve the cultural significance of these spaces. Their services also include workshops to enhance the artistic skills of young talents and opportunities to exhibit their work, contributing to the preservation and documentation of the city's heritage for generations to come.