World Art Forum I (Egypt 2022)

January 2022

Cairo, Egypt

In January 2022, the World Art Forum (WAF) launched its first annual session hosting 20 galleries and 150 artists from 33 countries as a manifestation of the growing passion to link soft power and sustainable development in Egypt. The increased support for the creative communities with initiatives such as the Art and Culture Center at the New Capital created the optimum environment to launch WAF and bring the fine arts to the forefront of the country’s vision for development. 

As a universal language and one of the most versatile forms of soft power, art has a significant role to play in connecting people across cultures and highlighting the pathway between the past, the present, and the future. As a testament, it was important to hold the Forum at the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) where some of history’s greatest works of sustainable art is on display. 

The first World Art Forum (WAF) focused the spotlight on the intersection between art and sustainable development. The Forum hosted more than 150 international, regional, and local artists from 35 countries for thousands of visitors. By bringing in artists, development experts, and governments from across the globe, the WAF ignited an international dialogue that bridges cultural gaps and builds global partnerships (SDG 17).  It was also the launchpad for the WAF for Development Foundation that will be one of the organizers for future WAFs as well as other sustainable art initiatives, activities, and events including, but not limited to, sustainable art fairs, festivals, exhibitions, symposiums, and conferences in collaboration with public and private sector partners.