World Art Forum II (Egypt 2022)

November 2022

Sharm Elsheikh, Egypt

The World Art Forum (WAF), is the first international art fair in Egypt to connect art with sustainability. The first round was held in The National Museum of Egyptian Civilization (NMEC) and included over 150 artists from 33 participating countries (see below). The second round was held in in several different locations at COP-27, Sharm El-Sheikh, in the blue zone and the green zone.

On 6 November 2022, the World Art Forum (WAF) launched its 2nd edition on the sidelines of COP 27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt. The company joined the Ministry of Environment, the United Nations, and Resilience Hub to bring art into the conversation on climate action. 
Artists from over 60 countries joined WAF from the 6th to the 18th of November for the duration of COP 27 to show how art can actively contribute to United Nations SDG 13: Climate Action. WAF established the connection between art and climate action through several modes including sustainable artworks, discussions, live performances, and workshops. Artists sat at the discussion table with development experts, government officials, and international organization representatives shedding light on the contribution of art to climate action as a creative economy, a microphone for advocacy and awareness raising, means for communication across cultural and language barriers, and an untapped well of creative and innovative ideas. 

The sustainable art exhibition in the Green Zone was one concrete application of art in climate action: recycled art showed how artists can recycle all types of waste into magnificent art pieces, digital art showed how art can decrease its carbon footprint and become accessible to everyone, and art by children and youth displayed their ingenuity and creativity while giving them a voice to participate and impact the Summit’s attendees. Additionally, environmentally-themed artwork was strategically placed in pavilions in the Blue Zone to commemorate art’s presence in the high-level discussions. The Egyptian Pavilion, the UN Pavilion, and the Resilience Hub Pavilion hosted various artwork featuring Egyptian and environmental themes. The workshops personalized climate action by having guests partake in different activities that all revolve around climate change, raising awareness, and cooperating for climate action.