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“She is the Homeland” exhibition at the Air Force Museum

In the framework of celebrating International Women’s Day and believing in the important role Egyptian women have played throughout the ages, the Air Force Museum in Almaza hosted a plastic exhibition entitled “She is the Homeland” to honor Egypt’s women on International Women’s Day. The exhibition was opened by Dr. Maya Morsi, head of the National Council for Women and Museum Administration, led by Major General Magdy Dwidar and a group of female artists, women and society, and female entrepreneurs

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Eve. . The Dream

A fantasy and a mystery; admired by some and detested by others. Aspired and possessed, worshipped and stoned. Her superficial beauty was visualized but her cavernous secrets and beauties are to be revealed by a profound look, abstruse, desired as a beauty icon with an emotionless face. Her wit was finally appreciated along with a need to silence her voice nevertheless there were many, out there, standing up for her rights. On the International Women’s Day, twenty-nine artists gathered to celebrate women in a group exhibition entitled “Eve, The Dream”. They jump beyond her superficial appearance to confront the naive comprehension opposed against her and her existence and to present women from a very personal perspective. Exhibition curator Shereen Bad


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Her Majesty (2020)

Ambassador Hisham Badr, Egyptian Ambassador to Italy, and Dr. Hagar Saif El-Nasr, the Egyptian Cultural Attaché in Italy, opened the exhibition Her Majesty at the Egyptian Cultural Bureau in Rome, with the attendance of Mr. Mohamed Badr, Former governor of Luxor, and Mr. Samy El Zaman, the Deputy Chief of Mission at the embassy of Kuwait with a number of Egyptian and Italian diplomats in attendance as well.

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Art Tales (2019)

I was overwhelmed when I saw my -3 years old- niece Karma holding a book in her little hands as she chattered on with her imaginary tales of the illustrations she beheld_ I wondered: how can these imaginary images inspire her to tell such stories when she can’t even recognize the alphabet yet? Then I recalled an image of an artist working for long tiring hours to ‘present the essence of his knowledge, experience, emotions and perspective of the world through his craft. His visual images told his own story and how it intertwined with the world’s. This is where the name of our exhibition “Art Tales” came to life, here in Rome, the Italian capitaL Thirty tales of thirty artists from different countries, told to the eyes of the beholder, from heart to heart, through their work.

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Art Journey (2019)

The opening of Art Journey Exhibition at Art Gap Gallery in Rome, Italy ( May 1st, 2019 )

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Egyptian Dialogue ( 2018 )

As a child I knew I was destined to find Aladdin’s magic lamp, and I knew what my wish was going to be: to learn all the languages to be able to communicate with people from all the races and cultures of the world. Yet when I was aware that Aladdin’s lamp was a fairytale that only children could believe. I was faced for the first with the word “impossible”, until I began expressing myself through drawing and painting. I discovered that I needn’t learn all the languages of the world to speak to everyone; art is the universal language that enables me, and all artists, to communicate and connect with the world. The “impossible” can be defeated and the dream could be realized. I had Aladdin’s magic lamp within me all along.


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Egypt During Documenta 15 (2022)

Sheranda World Art Organization is pleased to organize the exhibition “Modern Art of an Ancient Nation” in collaboration with Galerie Violet in Kassel, Germany. This exhibition will take place Documenta 15, the largest artistic event in the world, and organized every five years in the German city of Kassel. During this event, the city turns into an open museum and visitors from all over the world take part; it has reached one million visitors in some previous sessions!